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30 December 2007 @ 05:21 pm
The ice is gone, but the casualties are still pilling up. Every day I see another tree, now scattered in a rough pile of wood by the curb, waiting for someone to haul it off to be fire wood, or to fill some hole in the land. Cedars fresh cedar heart a darked to crimson its freshly cut edge still oozing sweet smelling sap. Oaks, pines all sort of beautiful woods. Four foot diameter sections of some old tree I couldn't identify. Some of it is just too beautiful to waste. Someone should do something with it, and since no one else really seems to be I've been gathering it up and stowing it away in the garage. In months or maybe years when it is cured and ready maybe it will become sculpture. I haven't sculpted anything in years, and never really carved much wood, but with luck and the right tools maybe something will turn out. In any case it seems like an ideal project for the new year. So one of my resolutions for this year is going to be to have a finished piece done by Jan 1 next year.

At this point I have a bit more 24 hours to make up my mind what my resolutions should be. The list is getting a bit long, but one resolution doesn't seem to be enough this year, and I won't be satisfied unless I keep all of them.